Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens Fountain Pen

We have some exciting news to share with everyone about our very own Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens fountain pen!

Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens – Special Edition Slate Blue

Sailor Pens and Anderson Pens are proud to announce our new 1911 Standard fountain pen in a special edition exclusive color – Slate Blue. The pen features rhodium-plated trim with a rhodium-plated 14k nib, which perfectly accents the Slate Blue color. The specially chosen color almost defies description – a greyish-blue, not quite grey and not quite blue. think early morning dawn or early evening dusk…

Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens

This is a cartridge-converter pen that can be filled with bottled ink using the Sailor converter or proprietary cartridges, both of which are included. It ships in an attractive presentation box. Sailor has a company history stretching back to 1911, and a reputation for quality and value that few other pen manufacturers can ever hope to match.

Sailor 1911 Anderson Pens

All seven of the standard nibs will be offered, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Music, and Zoom.  No other 1911 Standard comes in Rhodium plated trim.  Unlike most of the other colors in the 1911 Standard lineup, this pen features a color matched section, barrel end and top of the cap for a more unified and cohesive look.

Sailor 1911 Standard Anderson Pens

This pen is being offered on a Pre-Order basis. Expected delivery is September, 2016.  Less than 200 pens will be made in this color.  See the pen in person at the upcoming Atlanta Pen Show!

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Brian & Lisa