Sailor Discontinues 6 Jentle Inks. Fear Not!

Sailor Jentle Discontinued Inks

Yes, the rumors you have heard are true, Sailor has decided (again) to discontinue 6 of their gorgeous fountain pen ink colors. But there’s no need to panic. We have options for you. The six ink colors involved are: Apricot, Grenade, Peche, Ultramarine, Epinard, and Sky High. We do have a fairly robust stock level of these discontinued inks at the moment, but that changes hourly.

From Itoya:

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Sailor Jentle Ink collection of North America exclusive bottled ink colors that include Epinard, Apricot, Sky High, Ultramarine, Grenade, and Peche.

First, a little history. These six colors were originally developed by Sailor for the global market, but after Sailor introduced the first batch of their Shikiori “Four Seasons” ink bottle colors, they decided to discontinue these six colors globally. The world was up in arms, especially our North America market that had fallen in love with these six colors.

The world didn’t have these six colors for several years.

But due to popular demand, we brought it back in 2016 exclusively for the North America market. Which means we have had Sailor Japan continuously make the ink exclusively for our market. Demand was extremely strong when we brought it back in 2016. People had hoarded bottles and bottles of Apricot, Epinard, Grenade, and the rest. Most people rejoiced! People selling their old scarce bottles on eBay scowled.

Since 2016, the world has changed. Sailor has introduced over 110 new bottled ink colors since then. Every single fountain pen company and fountain pen ink company has introduced a combined total of a few thousand new colors of inks since then. Consumers have many many choices now.

So we have had to make the very difficult decision to discontinue these six Sailor Jentle ink colors.

Now that it is official, plot your replacement strategy and move forward. If you’ll miss these inks as much as we will, here are some alternatives:

Love Sailor Jentle Apricot? (one of my personal favorites) Try these juicy options:

Sailor Apricot Alternatives

Adore Sailor Jentle Epinard? (Brian sure does!) How about:

Sailor Epinard Alternatives

Pretty in Peche? This one is tougher, with fewer options in that dusty shade…

Peche Alternative 1

Try Herbin Bouquet d’Antan. Not as close as I would like, but it fits the bill for a sweet, dusty pink to replace Peche.

Or, if you simply prefer an ink color that is softer on the page, less “in your face,” try:

Peche Alternatives 2

Does Grenade make your heart flutter? That brick-red leaning toward burgundy is such a great fall color!

Grenade Alternatives

Sky High wins my love with that bright, vibrant shade of blue! But, these are some awesome alternatives:

Sky High Alternatives

And last but never least, that regal purple Ultramarine! Great options include:

Sailor Ultra Marine Alternatives

When in doubt, you can always use our Ink Comparison Tool to find other new options for these discontinued inks. Don’t be afraid to try a new brand or a new color. Change can be scary, especially when it involves ink, but be brave and try something new!