Sailor Ebonite King of Pen

Sailor Ebonite King of Pen

Brian takes us on a video tour of the Sailor Ebonite King of Pen.

Sailor Ebonite King of Pen The Sailor Ebonite King of Pen is Sailor’s largest size fountain pen. For reference to other large pens, it is comparable in size and feel to the Montblanc 149 or the Pelikan M1000 fountain pen. As such, it is well suited for someone who prefers a larger pen.

The unadorned cigar shaped pen is very classy, with smooth curves and a deep black finish. The black ebonite body and cap are appointed with Rhodium-plated trim, which gives the pen an air of elegance and authority.

The 21kt single tone gold nib is rhodium-plated to match the trim. Sailor nibs are exceptionally smooth, and the pen can be filled with a Sailor proprietary converter or with a standard Sailor cartridge, both of which are included. Sailor nibs do run a little on the finer side compared to Western nibs, but you can always select a Naginata Togi nib for a slightly wetter, softer writing experience. Either way, you can expect a reliable, very enjoyable writer for years to come.

Sailor Ebonite King of Pen

Visit Anderson Pens for Sailor Ebonite King of Pen (Rhodium Trim) availability. This model is especially suitable to those who like black and silver pens.

This Ebonite King of Pen is also available in a Black with Gold Trim version.

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