Sailor Naginata Togi and Saibi Togi Announcement

Sailor Naginata Togi and Saibi Togi Announcement

As many pen collectors are aware, Sailor has two distinct lines of nibs. The standard line of  nibs consists of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Zoom, and Music.  The Bespoke lineup consists of nibs handmade by Yukio Nagahara, including the favorite Naginata Togi, Fude, Concord, Emperor, Cross Point, King Eagle, and many others.

Sailor Bespoke Nibs

Sailor Bespoke Nibs

In 2015, demand for the Nagahara nibs (Bespoke nibs other than Naginata Togi) started to exceed Sailor’s capacity to produce, and dealer orders were temporarily halted for those specialty nibs, in an effort to try to catch up on the large number of backorders. Occasionally a Nagahara nib here or there would squeak through, but ordering them for Bespoke retailers was not a possibility. Production of Naginata Togi nibs, however, continued.

Temporary Suspension of Naginata Togi  and Saibi Togi Nibbed Pens

As popularity for Sailor’s Specialty nibs (as well as for Sailor pens in general) continues to increase, it has been difficult for Sailor to keep up with demand. Effective February 1st, 2017, orders for Naginata Togi and Saibi Togi nibs have been put on temporary suspension in an effort to reduce back orders. It is Sailor’s hope that they will be able to resume taking orders for pens with Naginata Togi and Saibi Togi in Summer of 2018, perhaps with a shorter time frame at that time, than the current twelve month delivery estimate.

What does this mean for you, as the consumer?

All special orders currently placed for pens with Naginata Togi nibs will be honored and will be delivered in the agreed upon time frame. This also means any stock orders we have placed will be shipped to us. Basically, what this also means is that whatever we have in stock, is all there will be until sometime late 2018 or possibly 2019.

Sailor Bespoke Naginata Togi Nibs

What is available?

If you have been interested in getting a Naginata Togi nib we highly recommend contacting us to see if we can make the perfect Bespoke pen for you. We currently have a good supply of Naginata Togi Medium fine nibs, as well as some others in stock. Stock changes daily and due to our ability to make pens not listed on the website, the best course of action is to call us at 920-997-8220 during store hours, during the week (M-F 9:30-5:30 Central Time) or email us at and we will be happy to assist in finding your dream pen.

Sailor Bespoke Nibs

Other things to note

Saibi togi, the .12mm ultra extra fine nib is restricted only to the single Professional Gear Slim Red Pearl model and we do have these available.

In addition, production of Bespoke Naginata Togi 1911 Standard pens with 21kt nibs has been discontinued. We do have a few of these on order, with expected delivery some time this spring. If you favor the smaller sized pen, this could be your last chance to get one with Naginata Togi nibs.

The Bottom Line

While this news may seem sudden or alarming, rest easy. Sailor pens and nibs continue to be made. The painstaking detail that goes into making the amazing Sailor nibs is not something that can be automated, so this move will grant the nib masters some time to get caught up with current orders, without a loss of quality.  Some things simply cannot be rushed, and the perfection of the Sailor nib lineup, is worth the wait.

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