Sailor Ribbed Bespoke Pens

Sailor Ribbed Bespoke Pens

Brian shows us around a few Sailor Ribbed fountain pens! There are currently three Ribbed models: the 1911 Large, the Professional Gear (gold trim), and the Professional Gear (rhodium trim). The ribbed body and cap is a design reminiscent of the 1942 Waterman 100 Year fountain pen.

Modeled on the 1911 Large, the Sailor Bespoke 1911 Large Ribbed fountain pen is also Black with gold-plated trim. The 21kt gold nib selection includes the Naginata Togi Medium-Fine, Naginata Togi Medium, Naginata Togi Broad, and the Naginata Concord.

Sailor Ribbed

Sailor Ribbed 1911 Large Bespoke

The Sailor Bespoke Pro Gear Ribbed fountain pen in Black with Gold-plated trim is modeled on the Pro Gear model.

Sailor Ribbed

Sailor Ribbed Professional Gear GT

The third model is the Sailor Bespoke Pro Gear Ribbed fountain pen in Black with Rhodium-plated trim. Like the Black & Gold Trim version above, this one is also modeled on the Pro Gear.

Sailor Ribbed

Sailor Ribbed Professional Gear RT

The ribbed feature adds texture to the barrel, helping to keep it securely in your hand, while adding a visual element as well. These are all cartridge-converter pens that can be filled with bottled ink using the Sailor converter or proprietary cartridges. Of course, both are included! They also ship in an attractive presentation box.

Sailor RibbedAs an Authorized Sailor Dealer, we have the ability to order just about any of the seven standard nibs (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Zoom, Music) on any Bespoke fountain pen. Some models do not carry all seven nibs and some are special order from Japan. Please Contact Us for more information as our stock changes constantly. In the meantime, you can take a look at all three Sailor Ribbed bespoke models.

Ink it up!



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