So Santa Brought You a Fountain Pen for Christmas?

So you got a fountain pen for Christmas…

No Pens?

Got Pens?

You may already have an extensive fountain pen collection and know the appropriate reaction to unwrapping a gift from under the Christmas tree and finding that beautiful fountain pen with a gorgeous nib you asked Santa for. What’s that appropriate reaction? We give our stamp of approval for jumping for joy, doing a happy dance, or possibly even both!

However, there’s a chance you are a friend or relative of one of those avid fountain pen collectors, and you unwrapped a gift from under the Christmas tree to find yourself the new owner of a really cool fountain pen with a fun nib and now you have no idea what to do next! Don’t worry, we all started somewhere!

We’ve put together an action plan for you to get movin’ and groovin’ with your new pen.

Step 1: Jump for joy! Do a happy dance! You may not realize it now, but soon you will understand why receiving a fountain pen as a gift is cause for celebration.

Step 2: Clean that pen! We recommend starting fresh with every new pen and using J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush to make your pen squeaky clean. Some manufacturers test the pens at the factory before shipping them out to distributors, so there may be a hint of ink left in the feed.

Step 3: Find your ideal ink! Some people put a lot of consideration into choosing an ink, while others grab the first ink to catch their eye. Check out our Ink Comparison Tool to find a color that tickles your fancy. If you would like a thorough review of several inks Anderson Pens carries, our thINKthursday posts are a great resource.

thINKthursday - Montblanc Miles Davis

thINKthursday – Montblanc Miles Davis

Step 4: Ink it Up! For cartridge/converter filling pens, try a cartridge for convenience, or bottled ink for variety. If you prefer a cartridge, remove the converter (if already installed), pop in the cartridge, making sure it is fully seated and that the seal on the cartridge is fully pierced, write on a piece of paper for a minute to get the ink to flow, and go to town!!

If you prefer bottled inks in the many hundreds of colors available, insert the converter on the section nipple securely, insert the nib unit with converter attached into a bottle of ink, fully covering the nib and feed, twist the piston mechanism, which will draw up the ink. If this is the 1st time you are filling the pen, you might want to refill/empty the converter twice to get a full converter. Please make note, many converters are threaded, so try twisting the converter counter clockwise first when removing it.

Montblanc, Visconti, and a LOT of Ink

Lots and lots of ink to choose from…..

Step 5: Write Thank You Notes! Not only is this proper etiquette, but it’s also a chance to use your new ink and pen! Start with the thoughtful person who gifted you the pen.

Step 6: Subscribe to Anderson Pen’s weekly newsletter to stay up to date with all things pens, paper and ink. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.

Step 7: Find each and every excuse to write! Start a journal, use a day planner, jot down more notes, send letters, there are countless ways to keep your pen busy!

Midweek Mojo - Escape into Nature

Pilot Prera & Life Pistachio Notebook

Ink it Up!

So, tell us the truth, did you ink it up before or after you did your happy dance?