Secret Santa Gift Ideas – All Under $10

Secret Santa Gift Ideas – All Under $10

Ink Samples

Can you believe that the holidays are almost upon us?? We do an annual Secret Santa gift exchange at our Appleton store/corporate offices, with fairly simple rules. Keep it under $10, and have fun with it! Easy options are always gift cards to the local coffee shop across the street, or to one of the local downtown eateries, and those are fine for the non-pen person. For penaholics, however, you might want to step it up a little. We have assembled a small list of pen-related gift ideas, all under $10, for those Secret Santa or pen pal gifts that you might need to give.

1 – An assortment of ink samples. Pick some fun colors, or maybe something with shimmer to mix things up!

2 – A Platinum Preppy fountain pen and a pack of cartridges. Go for the clear body and some bright ink to add a little enjoyment to your coworker’s day.

Platinum Preppy and Cartridges

3 – A Col-o-ring ink testing book to get or keep ink samples organized! And, it’s fun, and even addictive to be able to sort your swabs by color, brand, or properties like shimmer or sheen, etc!!

Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book

4 – a Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop! A pen loop is sooo handy, but often overlooked when buying a journal. This will attach to the back of the journal to always keep a pen handy.

Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loops

5 – Empty ink bottles! Fun to use as decoration, or to decant ink from a boring bottle into something really pretty or interesting. Several bottles, such as Waterman, Caran d’Ache, and Sailor, for example, are really well designed, especially when the ink volume runs low.

Empty Ink Bottles

6 – DIY repair supplies – consider a combination of things like a buff stick, pipettes, bulb syringe, 2 pack of syringes, or silicone grease for eye-droppering a pen, if your Secret Santa recipient likes to tinker with his or her pens.

Bulb Syringe Silicone Grease and Syringe Set

7 – A dip pen holder and a couple of dip pen nibs. What a great way to expand your calligraphy skills! If your Secret Santa recipient has ever expressed an interest in calligraphy, this is perfect! Dip pen nibs are fairly inexpensive, so you can give several and still stay under budget!

Dip Pen Holder and Nibs

8 – Pocket notebooks like Clairefontaine 1951 . These will fit in a man’s shirt pocket, jacket pocket or the back pocket of most pants. These are always helpful to have on hand for jotting down brilliant ideas, writing down your contact info to give to someone, or just to make your grocery list!

Clairefontaine Notebooks

9 – Extra cartridges are always a terrific idea, if you know what pens your recipient owns and uses regularly. Remember that many brands use proprietary cartridges, so check first!

Ink Cartridges

10 – Fountain pen themed notepads. Newly re-released, our Anderson Pens notepads are fountain pen friendly, and feature many fun and colorful designs!

Anderson Pens Notepads