The PCA Pens For Kids Standing Donation and Challenge!

As some of you know the Pen Collectors of America (PCA) has a program dedicated to introducing children to the world of fountain pens called the Pens For Kids program.  This program looks to engage children at their level, fostering an interest in pens and pen collecting in the next generation.

Most US Pen shows offer a Pens For Kids presentation as well as a Scavenger Hunt, each giving the child a fountain pen at the completion of the program.  As you can imagine the PCA needs decent reliable kid friendly fountain pens.  These need to be cartridge pens (not self fillers, as introducing children to filling from a bottle can and might be a messy experience!), and need to be good writing pens, as a bad pen may turn off children (or any person of any age for that matter) from using fountain pens in the future.  They need a good pen to turn them on right away.

To fulfill this need, we at Anderson Pens are donating 250 Platinum Preppies and tester pads to the PCA Pens For Kids program.  This is going to be a STANDING donation every year to see there are sufficient pens available for children to use for this program.  Our challenge to the PCA is to use each and every one of these pens every year.  If the PCA does go through all of these pens during the course of the year, we will contribute more pens to fill the need.

We feel strongly about the future of pens and pen collecting and the only way to do this is to introduce our children and future generations to the joy of fountain pens in a proper manner.  In providing the pens needed to support the Pens For Kids program, our hope is we will eliminate the struggle to find decent pens for PCA programs.  Kids need decent paper too, so our Proper Pads Paper, which is loved by many at pen shows, is part of the package.  Lets get kids started right!

Brian & Lisa

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