Top Non-Pen Gifts for the Pen Collector on Your Holiday List

Top Non-Pen Gifts for the Pen Collector on Your Holiday Shopping List

Anderson Pens Holiday Wishlist GiveAwayWith Thanksgiving over and the holiday shopping season in full swing, the non pen collectors in your life are probably asking you what you want for Christmas. And when you, as an avid pen collector, start to wax poetic about sheen, flex, power-fillers and such, their eyes start to glaze over, right?  Allow us to help simplify things for you….. There are a number of easy to choose non-pen gifts that are pretty safe to pick that don’t require an in-depth knowledge of the hobby lingo.

1 – Pen Storage. Whether you have one pen, or a dozen pens, a place to store them is important. Options for pen storage include leather pen cases that hold anywhere from one pen to 96 pens, gorgeous fabric pen kimonos to hold 1-8 pens, desk display pieces, and much more.

Taccia Kimono Pen Wraps – gorgeous colors and patterns. In 1, 4, and 8 pen options.

Leather Pen Cases – gorgeous soft leather in black or brown, with zip or flap closures. Everything from single pen cases to a 96 pen (double 48) briefcase, to  my personal favorite slim 12 pen folios perfect for a messenger bag or woman’s tote!

Nock Pen Cases – fun colors and clever designs, and Made In America!

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Jac Zagoory Pen Stands – our staff favorites are the Mini Happy Buddha and the Thought Aqueduct, but there are several nice options to choose from.

2 – Ink Related Items. If you use nice writing instruments, then ink or refills are a necessity! Bottled ink abounds at Anderson Pens, plus ink samples, rollerball and ballpoint refills and lots of other choices.

Bottled ink – with about 900 different colors to choose from, this can get confusing fast. Use our Ink Comparison Tool to compare different colors, or to see all of the offerings from a particular company.

Ink Comparison Tool

Ink Comparison Tool

Ink samples – if a bottle of ink seems like a big commitment, try our generous 3ml ink samples. Grab a handful of different shades of blue, or green, or any other color, or try an ink sample package with several colors from a special brand.

TWSBI ink bottles – terrific for both storing your bottled ink, as well as for easier refilling of your pen, TWSBI ink bottles make a great gift, and they look wonderful on your desk!

3 – Cleaning Supplies. Using fountain pens doesn’t HAVE to be messy, but occasionally accidents happen. We have several wonderful ideas for keeping things clean while using fountain pens.

Ink Zap – amazingly effective for cleaning ink off your hands. Designed by 2 well-known pen repair experts, this not only gets your hands clean, but also leaves them super soft.

Amodex – fantastic for removing ink from your clothing. Apply it to the spot of ink, rub it in, let it sit overnight, then rinse off. repeat as necessary. Even works on ballpoint ink, Sharpie, and many other stains without bleaching the fabric. Check directions for proper use.

Pen Flush – perfect for keeping pens clean and well maintained. Great for use when changing inks, or for pens that have flow issues. Easy to use, and a bottle should last the average user many many months.

4 – Paper and Stationery. When using nicer pens, there is a “trifecta” for optimal use: pen, ink, and paper. When choosing paper for use with fountain pens, something that is slightly smoother, less absorbent is the best choice. We have several options for you, at all price ranges.

Rhodia or Clairefontaine notepads and notebooks – the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. Available in many different sizes and binding options, it’s tough to go wrong with any of these.

Paperblanks Journals – choosing just one is the hard part. These are gorgeous, with beautiful covers, decorated end papers, and come in blank or lined options, depending on the design.

Life Stationery – Japanese paper is hot right now, and this brand offers many different choices in size and design. The paper is super thin, almost like tracing paper, but wonderful for use with fountain pens.

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Pilot Prera & Life Pistachio Notebook

5 – Books. Calligraphy and Penmanship books make a great gift idea for pen lovers, and it’s hard to beat a coffee table book filled with full color images of gorgeous pens.

Cursive Logic – a wonderful way to learn handwriting. Perfect for children or adults.

Calligraphy in 10 Easy Lessons is recommended often at penmanship classes taught at Pen Shows. Easy to follow instructions make this perfect for anyone looking to improve his or her handwriting.

Ziller Business Writing Book One is another easy to follow penmanship instruction book, with clear directions and plenty of pictures.

6 – Gift Certificates. When in doubt, a gift certificate is a good option. It’s hard to go wrong with giving someone a choice of anything in the store!!

For that special pen collecting person on your gift-giving list, there are many different things to buy without spending too much money, or getting lost in the “secret language” of pen collecting. Accessories are an easy way to show you care, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the suggestions we have mentioned.

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Lisa & Brian

What about you? What non-pen gifts would you like to give, or to receive?