TWSBI 580AL Blue Discontinued!

TWSBI today has officially announced they are discontinuing the 580AL Blue!

After only a month, the 580AL Blue is now destined for the discontinued category, as an email from TWSBI proclaims its demise today. We are sad to see this go, as it is really a beautiful color in the AL series. Both the section and the piston unit are anodized blue aluminum which also lead to increased durability of these two areas.

TWSBI 580AL Blue

TWSBI 580AL Blue

Available in extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad nibs only, you can also put in the optional 1.1 Stub nib as well (available seperately)

If this is something on your wish list, you might want to consider bumping it up a few notches before it is gone forever.

Ink it up!
Brian & Lisa

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