Update on Montblanc Golden Yellow

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Montblanc Golden Yellow ink, both the bottled and the cartridge version.  We have had customers email inquiring about particles or “floaters” in their ink.  We had asked our Montblanc sales rep and he could not verify any known issue with the ink, or performance thereof.  We had been alerted to a few threads on various pen boards which indicated communication from Montblanc potentially acknowledging an issue as of this past week. Up until 7:00 pm Monday, May 23rd, we had never had official confirmation that Montblanc had acknowledged an issue.

Montblanc Golden Yellow

Montblanc Golden Yellow

We were told by a VP of sales in a phone conversation late last night that there has been an issue with a batch of ink.  Any customer who purchased a bottle or package of cartridges of Golden Yellow ink who has concern should contact Montblanc Customer Service at


All Customer service reps received an email late Monday Afternoon detailing the following process:

If you choose to contact Montblanc about your Golden Yellow Ink, they will issue you a return form and call tag.  You can return the ink directly to Montblanc  and they will replace it for another bottle of your choice.

We were also informed that they are hoping to receive a new shipment of Golden Yellow ink at some point.

This is the first time we have received official confirmation about Golden Yellow, and we are grateful to be able to find a solution for all for this lovely color of ink.

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