Weekend’s Most Wanted #1

Weekend’s Most Wanted

Anderson Pens has released this weekend’s most sought-after stationery fiends! Help us hunt down these baddies and turn them in to your local shopping cart for a rewarding writing experience!

Weekend Most Wanted 24AUG2018

Weekend Most Wanted - The Tongue

The crystal clear Pilot Kakuno is the ideal fountain pen for new users and experienced writers alike. “Kakuno” means “to write” in Japanese, and this pen helps users do exactly that. Last seen sticking its tongue out at pens with no faces.

Weekend Most Wanted - yamabukiiro

Kyo-no-oto Yamabukiiro is a soft, golden shade of yellow, named after the Kerria flower. Crafted according to traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, this ink conceals some glorious goods.

Weekend Most Wanted - The Penguin

Bob The Stifflexible Notebook may be fun and adorable with a cover that is both firm and flexible (it’s true!), but he is wanted for getting a little too friendly with fountain pens!