Write to Feel Better

I was having a particular craptastic day the other day.  The usual sort of ridiculous problems that were cropping up out of nowhere. I was overwhelmed to the point where I could have pulled out my hair and ran around with scissors.  Problems like why isn’t a Windows 2000 Server still a viable option in today’s network infrastructure (that was for you, IT geeks, and, ummm…, is a true problem I face).  I have “modern” fountain pens older than this twelve year old software which work just fine and will continue to do so for decades after I am gone!

I thought about it for a few minutes and decided to step back and take a deep breath, then I spotted one of our nice Proper Pad notepads on my desk.  This was the 8.5″ x 11″ size, so lots of room.  I grabbed it, the first fountain pen within reach (My trusty Sheaffer 300) and started scribbling.  That smooth flow of ink from nib to paper is such a wonderful feeling.  I could feel my blood pressure lower with every stroke.  I scribbled up the first page pretty quick.  Lots of figure eights, my name, anything to take me off the problems at hand.  I tore that page off and started another.  About half way through the second page I was already feeling better.  Time to switch pens then.

I grabbed my Sheaffer Intensity and started again, figure eights, my name, anything and everything until I had finished up the second page and started a third.  At this point I had practically all but forgotten my troubles and they weren’t such big problems after all.  I had cleared my head and was ready to focus on the next task at hand.

Some people take a cigarette break to clear their head, others walk, some run.   I write.  You?