Anderson Pens Audio Podcast – Episode 199

AP Audio Podcast – Episode 199


Anderson Pens Audio Podcast


  • Brian took a road trip! Where did he go? Who did he see? What did he do?
  • Just In: The Platinum 3776 Century Kawaguchi
  • Cool Stuff on the Horizon
    • Lamy 2000 50th Anniversary Edition
    • Lamy Lx – New Line from Lamy in:
      • Gold
      • Palladium
      • Rose Gold
      • Ruthenium
    • Pelikan M205 – Aquamarine
  • Plus Q&A with The Andersons: Send questions to

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00:00 Welcome
01:25 Where was Brian? Nashua!
17:53 Question – Why does soaking an ebonite pen in water damage the pen, but an ebonite feed is not damaged by ink?
Answer – Ebonite feeds are usually not exposed to UV light since they’re covered most of the time.
 Question – Is it safe to clean plated nibs in an ultrasonic?
Answer – Yes. If there’s evidence of plating coming loose, it can agitate off, but otherwise, it will be fine.
21:28 Question – What material is the body of an Esterbrook J made from?
Answer – Plastic! It’s not celluloid, but cellulose acetate. 
23:10 New! 
Platinum #3776 Century Kawaguchi
24:55 New! 
Montblanc Ultra Black Ink Bottles | Ultra Black Ink Cartridges
 New! Montblanc Writer’s Edition Shakespeare Velvet Red Ink
26:40 New! J. Herbin 1670 Caroube de Chypre Ink
28:00 Coming Soon! Lamy 2000 50th Anniversary Edition
29:17 Coming Soon! Lamy LX
30:20 Coming Soon!
 Pelikan M205 Aquamarine
31:00 On The Blog  Midweek Mojo Get The Scoop | QuickShop
31:22 On The Blog – thINKthursday Montblanc Blue Hour
31:32 On The Blog – #wtf Namiki Chinese Phoenix
Wrap up & goodbye
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