Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 196


  • Top 5 Questions asked by In-Store Customers
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00:00 Welcome
01:30 Pilot Vanishing Point Metallic
03:45 Peter Pan Midget
05:10 AT Cross Pencil
07:50 Question: What is the most expensive pen in the store?

Sailor King of Pen Urushi
10:20 Question: Can you really make a living doing this?

Answer: Yes!
12:30 Question: Aren’t fountain pens only for calligraphy?

Answer: Absolutely not! They are for daily use as well.
13:35 Question: What is the best pen to start with?

Answer: Pilot Metropolitan | Lamy Safari | Lamy AL-Star | Sheaffer 100 | TWSBI Eco | Kaweco Sport  | Faber-Castell Basic | Faber-Castell Loom
18:10 Question: What is the best ink (for one of those pens) or in general?

Answer: Aurora – Black and Blue | Ink made by any other major manufacturer of pens – Waterman | Sailor | Pilot Iroshizuku | Sheaffer

If you’re new: Avoid inks with particles, inks with extra additives/intense inks
21:25 “Lava Lamp” your pen for Diamine Shimmertastic / J. Herbin 1670 inks
22:20 Question: What is shading and how do I get it?

Answer: Shading occurs generally with a more flexible ink and lighter colored ink. Light to dark effect from ink collecting on the page.
23:45 Question: How do I know if an ink is wet?

Answer: Some inks do flow easier than others. Some inks are naturally lubricated – Monteverde and Noodler’s Eel inks. Otherwise, combination of your pen and ink will be how you determine this. Aurora – Black and Blue is considered to have really good flow.
26:09 Question: How should I clean a new dip pen before use?

Answer: Dip nibs are often coated in oil, so to get the ink to stick to the nib, you have to get that coating off. Q-tip, dish soap, swirl your nib, and rinse it.
29:30 Lamy Unic
30:10 Lamy CP1
30:45 Wahl Eversharp Decoband Demonstrator
31:35 Monteverde Jewelria Executive | Monteverde Jewelria Mini
35:15 Blog: Summer Solstice
35:24 thINKthursday Toucan Turquoise ink
36:00 Shoutouts
39:05 Wrap up & goodbye!