Conklin Crescent Ambrosia Limited Edition

Brian takes a look at the Conklin Crescent Ambrosia limited edition fountain pen!

Conklin Crescent Ambrosia Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Conklin Crescent Ambrosia is part of the Mark Twain Crescent collection, and is part of a limited edition collection numbered to 98.

Conklin Crescent Ambrosia

What’s so special about the Ambrosia? This pen achieves new levels of sophistication because it combines a really attractive genuine celluloid with vermeil accents (gold plate over sterling silver). A unique Ambrosia celluloid was chosen for its classic vintage looks, and is semi-transparent. As such, the user can monitor remaining ink levels as he or she writes. The vermeil mid-band is engraved with Mark Twain’s distinctive signature as well as the silversmith’s hallmarks and the pen’s unique number.

The nibs are solid 14kt single tone yellow gold and are available here as a 1.1 mm stub nib and medium nib, both of which are semi-flexible. Not only is this pen a crescent-filler, it has a silicone sac to see the ink level inside, which makes it beautiful and interesting to use.

Furthermore, it is presented in a beautiful gift box. Handmade in Italy, only 98 of this crescent filling classic will ever be produced! Pick up a gorgeous pen with a special filling system and a lovely nib.

Conklin Crescent Ambrosia

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