Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 198

AP Video Podcast – Episode 198
LIVE: Tuesday, 8:00pm Central


00:00 Welcome
02:50 Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand Fountain Pen – Ultra Black
03:13 Montblanc Ultra Black collection
05:15 Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare
07:15 Montblanc Writers Edition Velvet Red Ink | Montblanc Ultra Black Ink
07:35 Sailor Pro Gear Earth Fountain Pen | Pro Gear Slim
08:40 Montblanc Toffee Brown Ink
10:15 Pilot Custom 912 Waverly Nib
14:42 Edison Pen Collier Burnished Gold
16:30 Edison Pen Pearlette Lapis Lazuli
17:40 Sheaffer Prelude – Cobalt Blue Lacquer & Rose Gold Trim
19:00 Sheaffer Prelude – Gloss Black Lacquer & Gunmetal Trim
20:40 Bookbinders Inks – Red Spitting Cobra, Blue Racer, Ground Rattler
21:56 Question: Can Montblanc Ultra Black fountain pens be ordered with other nibs (i.e. OM)?
Answer: Only available in F/M
22:50 Question: I’m a newbie with two fountain pens – a Metro and a Safari. How often should I clean them?
Answer: We recommend whenever they start to write poorly (skipping, clogging), when you change inks, and if you’re going to stop using them and store them. Every 3 – 4 fills. Depends on the inks as well – more dye intensive inks or with shimmer need more regular cleaning.
25:10 Question: Are nib units available for the TWSBI Eco?
Answer: No interchangeable nibs for ECO.
26:52 Midweek Mojo – Red, Write & Blue
27:26 #wtf Where to Focus – Montblanc Ultra Black
28:10 thINKthursday J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre
30:58 Wrap up & goodbye!

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