Graf Von Faber Castell Midnight Blue Ink

A quick look at the Graf Von Faber-Castell Midnight Blue ink, in stock now!

Graf Von Faber Castell Midnight Blue

GvFC Midnight Blue

The unmistakable style of Graf von Faber-Castell Midnight Blue fountain pen ink can be seen in this gorgeous 75ml fluted glass bottle with plated silver cap, and sturdy base to prevent it from tipping while filling your pen. The Graf von Faber-Castell Midnight Blue ink is water-resistant, UV-resistant, resistant to certain chemicals and solvents, and fast-drying. This is a beautiful dark shade of blue, easily legible in extra-fine to extra-broad nibs, very work appropriate, and gorgeous enough to be more than just a blue black. 

Graf Von Faber Castell Midnight Blue

You can see some shading in the swab on the off-white paper above – a medium blue to a deep, saturated blue black, with pooling showing some sheen.

The bottle is perfect for sitting on your desk – not only is it a functional design, it looks great as well. The ink is also available in boxes of six cartridges, and in 3 ml samples, if you want to try before you buy more.

What do you think of Midnight Blue? Is this the color you think of when you think of ‘midnight blue’?

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