Edison Nibs – Gold Stub, BB, OBB

New Edison nibs have just been announced – some new, very cool, very desirable nibs!

Edison Nibs

Calling all broad nib lovers! Edison will now be offering 18KT gold nibs in a variety of sizes that are highly tempting: #6 sized nibs in  1.1 mm stub, BB, and OBB – these will fit the Collier and Beaumont pens. They will be available in rhodium-plated and two-tone colors. Although Edison’s steel nibs are very smooth and very pleasant to write with, you may just want a gold nib anyway. The 1.1 mm stub nib is really nice for adding some character to your writing, if a regular round nib isn’t exciting enough. The stub, BB, and OBB are all nice for signing off on things – the tips have a really nice shape to work with. They also show off ink colors really well.

Current pens already have these nib options listed for you to choose from. Individual nib option coming as soon as possible!

Edison Nibs

Edison Nib Choices – drop down menu when you select your pen and nib choice.

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