Retro 51 Double Eight Limited Edition Pens

For the true 51 collectors and pen lovers Рthe Retro 51 Double Eight!

Retro 51 Double Eight

These Retro 51 Double Eight pens are very special, not just because they are limited edition pieces from 2005, but also because these pens belonged to the owner of Retro 51 himself, George Kartsotis. Own a piece of Retro 51 history!

These beautiful faceted pens in cellulose acetate are complemented by gold colored trim. Each piece is #51, so all five pieces will give you a complete set:

Ivory- #51 out of 100 – 1 Fountain Pen, 1 Twist Roller Ball, & 1 Fineliner

Retro 51 Double Eight

Ivory Fountain Pen

Mahogany- #51 out of 200 – 1 Fountain Pen, 1 Fineliner

Retro 51 Double Eight

Mahogany Fountain Pen

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Retro 51 Double Eight

Ink it up!
Brian & Lisa

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