Discontinued Sheaffer Pens

We wanted to update you on some discontinued Sheaffer pens.

Discontinued Sheaffer

The following pen models and colors have been discontinued by Sheaffer: Taranis fountain pens, 500 Ballpoints, Sagaris Colors, 300, VFM Ballpoint, and the Sentinel Ballpoint. Browse all discontinued Sheaffer pens in the shop to see all the colors and options, most on sale!

Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen

The smooth-writing stainless steel nib is a fun departure from the usual Sheaffer nib design, combining both style and functionality. The Sheaffer Taranis fills with the included Sheaffer proprietary ink cartridge, to get you started, or you can use the Sheaffer converter with bottled ink.

Discontinued Sheaffer

Taranis Icy Gunmetal

Sheaffer 500 Ballpoint

The Sheaffer 500 Ballpoint offers a beautifully styled, finely balanced instrument, while providing a comfortable and smooth writing experience.

Discontinued Sheaffer

Sheaffer 500 Ballpoint – Black with Chrome Trim

Sheaffer Sagaris Colors

The Sheaffer Sagaris is light-weight, slim, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It has a distinguished profile characterized by a tapered cap and barrel, and carries the world-renowned “White Dot” symbol of quality.

Discontinued Sheaffer

Sagaris Fountain Pen

Sheaffer 300 Models

The Sheaffer 300 offers a range of colors and finishes to suit every occasion or preference. The 300 series features the Sheaffer signature wide band, “White Dot” symbol of quality on the clip, and a cigar-shaped profile that is balanced and fits comfortably in your hand.

Discontinued Sheaffer

300 Fountain Pen

Sheaffer VFM Ballpoint

The Sheaffer VFM ballpoint pen is vibrant, fun, and modern. The perfect gift for students or as a carry pen.

Discontinued Sheaffer

VFM Ballpoint

Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint

The Sheaffer Sentinel features a convenient push button mechanism that allows you to activate the tip of the pen instantly.

Discontinued Sheaffer

Sentinel Ballpoint

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