Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 182

We talk about new pens and more!

00:00 Welcome
02:24 Pen Show News: coming up – Baltimore Washington Pen Show but we won’t be there!
06:55 Looking at Namiki Urushi Lacquered Pens
14:30 Everyday carry
23:13 Retro 51 Double Eight (blog)
25:13 TWSBI AL580 Green Fountain Pen
27:30 New Noodler’s Ink: Berning Red
28:28 Noodler’s ebonite feeds restocked
29:20 Cross/Sheaffer discontinued pens (blog)
35:30 Pen Show Tips
42:45 Last OMAS left! PensInk
44:19 Shoutouts
44:45 Wrap up & goodbye!