Stipula Calamo Purple Ink

Announcing the new Stipula Calamo Purple ink Рin stock, new and pretty!

Stipula Calamo Purple – New!

Stipula Calamo Purple fountain pen ink comes from Italy, in a beautiful 70ml glass bottle. The glass of the Calamo bottles is treated to protect the ink from deterioration caused by exposure to light – ideal for those who like to display their ink bottles on their desks or shelves, instead of keeping them in drawers. In addition, all your bottles will match! The bottle also serves as a refill for the Stipula Netto refilling system.

Stipula Calamo Purple

These bottles make beautiful gifts – not only are they big and treated, they have a stickered seal, so you know your bottle has not been opened and accidentally contaminated by another color (or by anything else). The details of the cap right down to the labels will leave you pleased with your new ink. The label in the front has a small swab of the ink, so you can spot the ink you want on your shelf without having to open the bottle to see the color – a very simple but very convenient feature!

You can never have too many inks, right? Especially when they’re purple. Not ready to commit to a full bottle? Try a sample first.

Stipula Calamo Purple

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