Stipula Netto Ink Filling System

Happy Sunday Afternoon!!

Found these in our pen storage closet, tucked away behind the Bexley Grande Finales. I swear, things in this closet get together & mate, producing surprises for us!!  This Stipula Netto ink filling system is really cool, in my opinion.

Stipula Netto Red

Stipula Netto Red

Stipula Netto Black

Stipula Netto Black

I never got the hang of the Visconti Traveling Ink Pot, but I do have a little seller’s remorse about it, since pen lovers who do have one, really like it. Maybe it’s the same with this. We had never seen them before – how about you? I know that at the 2011 DC Pen Show, there was this same setup at the ink testing tables, but I never got away from our tables to check it out.

Stipula Netto Bottles

Netto Bottles

I found some info here,  and here. I do love the idea of a clean filling system. I’m not the most coordinated person, I must confess, and do tend to end up with ink on my hands after filling my pens for the week. Luckily, Brian likes me with blue & green stained fingers…

Stipula Netto Black Open

Netto Black Open

Stipula Netto Red Open

Netto Red Open