The Herald is here!! and other exciting news!!

Anderson Pens is proud to announce that the Edison Pens new production line pen, The Herald, is now available through our website. This is a gorgeous line of pens, and we feel it’s another hit from Edison!!

The Edison Herald

The Edison Herald in Amber TortoiseThe Edison Herald in Copper Flake

The Edison Herald in Crushed Shell

We also now carry Noodler’s ink & Ahab Flex nib pens, plus Platinum Preppy pens and ink, with more arriving in the next few weeks!!!

Noodler's Ahab in Jade

Platinum Preppy in Blue

New notebooks (pics up soon) in grid pattern, Cornell notes style, and a brand new smaller size.

Check it out!! While you are there, please join the mailing list!!

Noodler's Gruene Cactus Ink

Lisa & Brian