The New and Other Ramblings

By now you’ve discovered we’ve updated our site.  Let me be the first to say thank you for visiting and we hope you return again soon and often.  Now that the launch has happened we can get back to the business of pens and writing about them!

A couple of things mailing list subscribers already know about, but will list quickly here.  (Wait, you’re not on our mailing list yet?  Why not?  🙂 )  We now carry Sheaffer pens and inks and Aurora ink.  Sheaffer has come out with some new lines over the past couple of years that you don’t usually hear about and we think are noteworthy additions to anyone’s pen case.  Expect to see some new pen reviews coming down the pike as early as next week.  Lisa and I battled over who was going to get what pen so we’ll see what really happens when the delivery guy gets here!

The Arkansas Pen Show is just around the corner in about two weeks.  This really is a great show and we have been looking forward to going back as early as, well, last March!  Gracious and helpful hosts, good traffic, and of course, lots, and lots of pens!  Excellent vintage as well as plenty of modern pens make this a well balanced show with something for everyone.  Before the show I’ll be posting a quick primer for first time show goers on what this crazy world of pen shows is all about, and a couple of tips from the more experienced.  Stay tuned!

Well, I’ll keep it short this week, enjoy the new site, the new blog, and if you notice any issues at all with the new site, or have comments or criticism, please do let us know!

Brian & Lisa