What’s Up for the Weekend?!

Good Morning Fellow Pen Collectors! Happy Friday!!  Despite a couple of inches of super fluffy snow that covered us last night, it’s not tooo cold out, and it’s sunny at least.

What’s on tap for YOUR weekend?  Will you be hunkered down inside, staying warm?  Spending a glorious sunny weekend outside?  Puttering around in dusty, dim antique stores in search of that last elusive pen that you want, to finish a collection?  Tell us!!

I have been asked to be the 1st female Special Guest on the FP Geeks FPtv tomorrow am, and I must confess that I am giddy like a schoolgirl!  I have met all 3 of the Geeks, and what an amazing group of men!!  And talk about FUN!!  It’s a good thing that Pen Shows are generally treated like a combination of Fight Club, and Vegas.  You don’t talk about what happens at pen shows, and what does happen, stays there.  (GO to a pen show – it’s a blast!!)

Brian & I also have several new things to get up on the website this weekend.  We are excited about some new ink colors by Scribal, and something else really cool & awesome……  We also have some truly fantastic things coming in next week, so we are making space for that/them.

Brian has a desktop full of pens that need restoration, but that never changes.  Between customer repairs, and restoration of pens we have purchased for resale, he could work on pens for weeks and not get caught up.

I recently bought a cool new machine to use to create some fun and useful pad designs.  It took me a looong time to find the right thing, and when it arrived, I was really excited.  Enter learning curve, and  epic failure.  For a month now I have looked at this thing with frustration & irritation, because it would NOT do what it was advertised to do.  I called this am, to return it.  A very sweet & very helpful CSR walked me through how to do exactly what I needed to do.  Shazam!! Watch me  hammer this cool new thing out – Brian will be so excited when I surprise him with the prototype!!

Ink reviews, family movie night (with popcorn), getting used to our son’s new schedule back at college, and maybe a snowball fight will round out our weekend.  I will steal a private moment on Sunday, to do my weekly planning, and to flush/fill/refill my pens for the week.  I find that to be very soothing. Or maybe that’s just me… 🙂

How about you? What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

Lisa & Brian