Client Repair Now on Hiatus Until November

Despite going full time with the business end of August, I have not seemed to catch up on my repair work.

I have been able to work my way down from a 12 week repair cue to 1-2 weeks, but even with that and all the rest of the things that go along with running a pen business, I am not getting to my own repairs. As I mentioned on our podcast and in several other places, I have somewhere between 1-2000 vintage pens that I have been stock piling over the past five or six years awaiting restoration. I need to get working on these and the only way this will happen is to take a hiatus on client repairs. So, from now until sometime after the Columbus, Ohio Pen Show in early November, 2015, I will no longer be taking in pens for repair. The one lone exception to this is for those people local to our Appleton, WI storefront, where I will continue to offer the service.

Repair Tools

Time to fix some other pens!

So, the downside is no client repairs, but the upside is there will be regular doses of vintage pens appearing on the website soon. Just last weekend we sorted out the pens and came up with over 280 J series pens alone, not counting transitionals, dollar pens, or other later pens. In addition to that there are Parker vacumatics, 51’s, 41’s, 21’s, 61’s, 45’s, Duofolds, Sheaffer Snorkels, Touchdowns, Balance, Wahl Eversharp Skylines and a host of other pens. I will not be taking requests for pens. When they appear they appear, and I’ll try to do them in bundles so there are more than one of a particular model to choose from.

I appreciate your understanding and hope to be able to offer you a nice restored vintage pen in the near future!

Ink it up!