Time Machine – The Other Anderson Pens

So I was looking through some analytics from our website a couple of weeks ago and came across a referral from eBay.  Being the curious sort that I am I did a search to see if I could find the link to our site that brought this visitor here.  Well, no such luck unfortunately, but in my search I found the most interesting ad from England around 1955.

Now, I know Anderson is a pretty common name, but I had never heard of such a company before, much less one that produced an eyedropper filling drafting pen.  I wouldn’t have given drafting pens much thought prior to this, lumping them in with dip pens and the like.  I guess my recent shift towards dip pens explains the interest in this type of pen.

How cool would it be to have a pen like this, with a visual reservoir no less?  I have to have one, so if anyone ever comes across one, please do let me know!

Brian & Lisa