Valentines Day: The Perfect Day for Pens

I guess I’m a little bit weird.  For holidays I like to give and receive pens.  Maybe it’s the personal connection with a gift so personal.  Maybe it’s the lasting gift a well picked pen is.  I know what some of you are thinking, you’d like to receive pens too.  Well, I don’t really have any other hobbies that require any sort of cash investment.  I have a nice road bike I ride occasionally in the summer, but other than that, I am happy immersing myself with pens on a daily basis.

In the past I have just given Lisa a list of ebay auctions and then I act surprised when one of them shows up on my desk.  Even still, I give her several options and I usually don’t know which pen I’m getting.  This year we decided we were going to do it a little different.  Since we’ve been spending a majority of our “free” time (also known as time outside of our real day jobs) and money working on Anderson Pens, we decided the best way to get pens for each other would be to just go shopping from ourselves.  I’ve been eyeballing a Sheaffer Legacy for some time, and Lisa a Parker Duofold RB.  So to my amazement (or maybe not) both pens went missing from our inventory and showed up Tuesday evening and both parties were happy.  🙂

Have any of you received pens for Valentines Day, either this year or in years past?  Tell us about them!

Brian & Lisa